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Padsons Seed Grader

Padsons Seed Grader/ Seed Cleaner

As a Seed Cleaning Machine or Seed Grader manufacturer in Maharashtra. The PADSONS seed Cleaner cum Grader is the high-quality cleaning mechanism for grain, pulses, oilseeds and other free flowing products cleaning. The cleaner can be used for cleaning and sizing of all types of grains. The high standard of cleaning is achieved by a combination of the screening process and the air aspiration system.

The product to be cleaned is evenly distributed and fed into the cleaner by an inlet hopper. The product is moved from the inlet hopper into the pre-aspiration duct, light rejects, husk and dust are separated here. Afterwards, the product is transported into the screen compartment with the three screen layers. Coarse (top screen) and broken rejects (bottom screen) are separated here.

The screened product is moved into the final aspiration chamber. The product is sorted by its bulk density and light rejects such as hollow grains, foreign particles and dust are separated here.

All screens are cleaned with balls which are placed under the screens in a casing.


  • Suitable for various cleaning processes due to extensive setting options.
  • High standard of cleaning and quality
  • Simple and quick changing of screens
  • Highly effective cleaning of the screen surface by means ball cleaning system thus achieving a reduction of the overall machine length


The Cleaner is equipped with an inlet hopper, pre- aspiration and final aspiration with a depositing chamber as well as one screen compartment with three screen layers. The various components of the machine (inlet hopper, discharge auger, scraper chain etc.) are operated by drive motors.

Product Details

capacityOver size screen Area M^2Under size screen Area M^M/c LengthM/c WidthM/c HeightPower for MG seriesPower for ECO series
0.5 TPH0.230.82135095542703.0 HP3.0 HP
1 TPH0.441.461350131042705.0 HP5.0 HP
2 TPH1.013.622030186051857.5 HP8.0 HP
4 TPH1.364.8920301860518510.0 HP10.5 HP
8 TPH4.055.420301860518510.0 HP10.5 HP

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