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Padsons Industries Private Limited

Padsons Industries Private Limited

Padsons Brand is the registered trade mark of an ISO 9001: 2000 certified Agriculture based engineering industries, manufacturing complete range of Seed & grain processing machines, incorporated as private limited company under Indian companies act 1952, registered under M.S.M.E. Padsons Industries Private Limited is a group of companies. We started in 1954 with Padgilwar Group making farm machinery. Good seeds are crucial for great harvests. So, Padsons developed top-notch seed processing plants to separate the good seeds from the bad ones. 

We’re known for their passion to explore new areas and turn challenges into opportunities. Padgilwar Group has three plants in Akola with some of the world’s best machines and testing facilities. We make machines that match up to the best in the world. But for Padsons, selling a machine is just the beginning. We believe in excellent after-sales service, which has helped build their reputation. The trust we’ve gained from our good work gives them the confidence to face the future with hope and determination.

Manufacturing Compatibility

We’re Padsons Industries, a bunch of companies working together. Back in 1954, our Padgilwar Group began making farm machines. We know that good seeds are super important for awesome harvests. That’s why we went the extra mile and created really awesome seed processing machines. They sort out the good seeds from the not-so-good ones. 

Our machines are made to fit right in with all kinds of farming, no matter if you’re a big farm or a small one. We make sure everything is just right so your seeds grow strong and healthy. Trust Padsons to help you grow the best crops! Our manufacturing process seamlessly aligns with a wide spectrum of agricultural needs, ensuring optimal performance and yield for farmers of all scales. From precision engineering to adaptable solutions, Padsons Industries sets the standard in agricultural manufacturing plants, affirming our dedication to your success. Trust us to be your partner in achieving agricultural greatness.

Quality Products

At PADSONS, we promise to deliver the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. Our main goal is to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. We do this by constantly improving our management systems.

Quality Checks

We have a strong rule - every raw material must pass a thorough quality check. This guarantees that we make high-quality products. Every employee at PADSONS is responsible for maintaining these high quality standards. It's a team effort!

Listening to You

We want to make our products even better. We do this by always listening to what our customers have to say. Your feedback and needs are very important to us. And we make valid changes based on them. Feedback implementing changes in Products.

Our Mission

Padsons Industries Private Limited is on a mission to elevate agricultural practices through innovation and precision. We are dedicated to producing top-tier manual and semi automatic farm machinery, coupled with world-class seed processing plants. Our goal is to ensure every farmer has access to high-quality seeds and advanced machinery.

Our Vision

Our vision at Padsons Industries Pvt. Ltd. is to be a leading force in revolutionizing agriculture, providing cutting-edge machinery and seed processing plants that empower farmers worldwide. We aim to set new benchmarks in quality, performance, and service, fostering sustainable and prosperous farming communities.

Our Clients Testimonials

Let’s see what our Clients have to say…

I've been using Padsons Industry's farming machines for years now, and I must say, they've revolutionized the way I work on my farm. The manual and semi-automatic machines are robust, efficient, and make the whole process much easier.

Nishant Sharma Agricultural Supervisor

As an agricultural supervisor, it's crucial for me to have reliable equipment. Padsons Industry has never let me down. Their farming machines are not only durable but also user-friendly. They've truly made a positive impact on our operations.

Vipul Sharma Farm Manager

Padsons Industry has been instrumental in enhancing our farming practices. The quality of their manual and semi automatic farm machinery is exceptional. What sets them apart is not only the top-notch equipment but also their excellent customer service.

Rajesh Tiwari Farm Owner
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