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PADSONS Maize Sheller with Grader

PADSONS Maize Sheller with Grader

PADSONS Maize Sheller with Grader

Padsons corn (Maize) Sheller are designed for the gentle separation of the maize kernels from the cobs and removal of rachis.  They find application mainly in the seed industry where the maize cobs are harvested as a whole unit. In the processing plant this machine is positioned after cob drying.

The maize Sheller removes the kernels in the gentle possible way by rubbing the cobs against each other without any risk of harming the germination values of the sensitive maize seed.

The gentle shelling is accomplished by the pressure provided by the rotor moving the corn against itself and the smooth round ribs.

The machine capacity depends upon the consistency in the operations, the product type, and the cob moisture content and feed rate (i.e. more the feed rate less capacity and low quality). Therefore the user only is the best judge to decide and able to correlate the capacity to the amount of specific product being fed to the machine.

General Information corn sheller Machinery

This corn sheller machine consists Auger (Typical) fixed at two ends of Sheller Casing with the help of heavy duty bearings. The SS cage is provided over Auger to separate out Seeds. The Augur helps to pull the cobs inside, convey forward, separate the Seeds and push the empty cobs out of the machine. seed Shelling is accomplished by the beating and throwing action of the fins attached to the Auger.

Modified Design of Auger and the steel cage keep the Germination of seed unharmed. (Seed does not get ruptured ordamaged).The shanks (empty cob) is thrown/pushed out by the force exerted by end-plates through the specially designed flapper outlet.The Shelled Seeds are collected at the bottom for further process of cleaning andgrading.

Salient features:

  • Suitable for de-shelled dried / semi dried corn  cobs (maizecobs)
  • The shelling efficiency of the unit is 95% on intake basis (i.e. cobs taken for the shelling) at 8 to 10% moisture content

Technical Details

Model :

PMS – 10

Model : PMS – 20


10 T/hr seed, (output basis) & 20 T/hr seed( output basis)

15 to 20 T Cobs /h ( Intake basis)


25 HP.

30 HP.


230 RPM


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